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Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack
Eat at Joe’s

Joe’s Crab Shack is an interesting place. It has a nice outside seating area with a wraparound deck and even an outdoor play ground for kid dumping.

Joe’s is the kinda place where the employees do dances to songs and someone is usually yelling something on the PA system. Joe’s is loud and fun. Not the place to have quiet conversations.

Joe’s offers mainly seafood, especially of the steamed variety. Their big push is the steamer meal combos, which offer usually a crab, a couple veggies and a seasoning theme.

Joe's Classic
Joe’s Classic Steampot

I tried the Joe’s Classic Steampot, which had Dungeness and Snow crabs, along with boiled shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.  Obviously the steampot is just for show, while tasty the potatoes weren’t very warm and I’ve never eaten a cob of corn where the kernels where so tiny!

The crab in the pot was quite yummy though and the sausage was also quite good. My husband had a large shrimp platter which he enjoyed.

So while the meal wasn’t the best it was still a fun place to try, I liked it when all the wait staff started dancing & clapping in time together when a certain song came on, even the women behind the bar were dancing. There was a girl going table to table making balloon animals for tips. The whole place has a very festive attitude which I enjoyed.

Balloon love

My bib

Atmosphere – If you are in the mood for some fun, this lively atmosphere is for you.

Service – Service was pretty good.

Food – The crab was good but the veggies need work.

Summary – If you just are in the mood for some fun and don’t mind a little noise, Joe’s is a great place to take friends have a drink and eat some crustaceans.

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The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory
Cheesecake Factory

Well! What a throughly delightful dinner I just had! We were at the International Mall in Tampa and decided to grab a bite.

While already quite crowded by 5pm on a Saturday the wait wasn’t too horrible. We had a nice table with a good view of the interior, which was a strange blending of styles.

To say the menu is eclectic is a gross understatement. The menu itself is like a paperback book, be prepared to be overwhelmed with choices! I ordered the chicken tortillas and my husband got the fettuccine with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes.

While we waited for our dinners we were brought fresh bread and butter, quite tasty. Our dinners were great and we both enjoyed them a lot. My tortillas were served with little sweet corn cakes and beans it was delicious and quite filling.

30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake

Although I was already pushing full I decided to shove full, because what is a trip to the Cheesecake Factory without a slice of cheesecake?  So my husband and I decided to split a piece of the “30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake” & and a coffee.

To say this cheesecake was good is like saying that diamonds are kinda hard. Pure nirvana. I said to my husband if I was on death row, this is what I want for my last meal.

While pricey, the slice was huge, no wait – HUGE, that’s more like it. We couldn’t finish it between us. It seemed almost like a sin to leave any behind but I was about to explode or slip into a sugar coma.

Atmosphere – Lots of seating but a little noisy. The decor is interesting but not overwhelming.

Service – Our waitress was pleasant and quite efficient.

Food – OMG Good!

Summary – What can I say, I loved the food, the cheesecake was unearthly.

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4th St. Shrimp Store

4th St. Shrimp Store

The 4th St. Shrimp Store is a restaurant located just North of St. Pete’s downtown. Unsurprisingly they have a mostly seafood menu.

I have been here for both lunch and dinner. They atmosphere is laid-back, you come in and seat-yourself.  There is a bar and some interesting decor.

The food is a bit up and down. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just so-so. I got a shrimp po-boy yesterday, which was pretty plain, it didn’t even have condiments on it.

My husband seemed to enjoy his fried shrimp and clam basket.  My onion rings were pretty good.

So overall, not a bad place, just not exceptional.

Atmosphere – Very casual, with an eclectic decor.

Service – Most of the time the waitresses have been fairly attentive.

Food – Seafood not really worth writing home about, but filling.

Summary – If you want a relaxed atmosphere where you can take friends, you could do worse.

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