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Cajun Cafe on the Bayou

Eating at the Cajun Cafe was unplanned and unexpected. Set way back from the road, the Cajun Cafe sits on a lake, with both indoor and outdoor seating right on the water. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but we thought we would try something a little different. For this visit we decidedContinue reading “Cajun Cafe on the Bayou”

Beak’s Old Florida

Beak’s Old Florida is an interesting place, I noticed a lot of reviews that called it eclectic, there is no doubting that! Beak’s definitely has a lot of character and charm. The atmosphere in Beak’s is friendly, our waiter was very attentive and nice we were very happy with the service. The interior is aContinue reading “Beak’s Old Florida”

Preacher’s BBQ

Preacher’s BBQ, as you open your car door you can smell it, smokey, woody goodness, oh yeah, that’s real pit BBQ! Preacher’s is a  small place on 4th St and one of the few places in the area with real BBQ. The restaurant itself is a take-out place but there are a couple tables ifContinue reading “Preacher’s BBQ”


Bowled is an interesting restaurant with an interesting concept, you guessed it! Everything is served in bowls, even meatloaf. Bowled is set back from the road a bit in a strip mall but the distinct sign makes it easy to spot. The atmosphere inside is laid back but still subdued. I had the Mexican Italian Lasagna, whichContinue reading “Bowled”


Well we went to the Carrabbas on 4th tonight and had a lovely dinner. We got there before the rush and didn’t have to wait for a table which is nice! I haven’t been to a Carrabbas in a while, not since the Star Trek movie premiere (Shout out to Todd!). I usually have reallyContinue reading “Carrabbas”

Queenshead Eurobar

I wanted to like this place but I’m afraid it’s just not my cup of tea. Located on Central Ave West of downtown, the Queenshead is certainly an interesting place. The decor is lovely, there is a large eating area outside with odd bed-like seating along with regular tables and chairs. The inside is quirky and eclectic usuallyContinue reading “Queenshead Eurobar”

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