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Joey Brooklyn’s Famous Pizza

Joey Brooklyn's PizzaEven though they are a little slow on the delivery Joey Brooklyn’s is worth the wait. So far I’ve tried pepperoni pizza, hot wings, chicken parm sandwich and calzones from them.

The pizza was big, greasy and delicious, just like you would expect for New York style pizza.

The chicken parmesan sandwich I wasn’t that great unfortunately, the chicken seems chopped up and tasted like pre-cooked chicken they covered with some sauce and cheese. I’m going to skip it next time I order.

It was a pepperoni calzone and I was surprised to see they put a ricotta-type cheese inside along with the regular mozzarella and it was really good.

The “hot” wings aren’t really that hot, I’d call them a solid medium which was the perfect spice-temp for me. Enough to make your lips tingle but you can wait to drink something till after your done eating your wings. If you like the vinegar style buffalo wings, these are for you.

I haven’t been inside so I can’t report on the restaurant itself, sorry!

I would definitely order from Joey’s again.

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Crowley’s Pub

Crowley's Downtown
Crowley’s Downtown

Crowley’s Pub came well reviewed and surprisingly lived up to the hype.

A small restaurant/pub on Central Ave in downtown St. Pete, there is ample seating outside on the sidewalk and inside is cozy with a full bar.

Crowley’s is kinda Irish-themed, featuring a couple of Irish & English dishes, like Shepard’s (Crowley’s) Pie, bangers & mash, and fish & chips. Although there are plenty of American bar standards, including hamburgers and other sandwiches.

My husband and I shared a Ruben eggroll appetizer which was served with a 1000 island dipping sauce. The eggrolls were quite tasty and original.

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries w/ honey!

For my entree I got a turkey & bacon spinach wrap that came with sweet potato fries. The fries, I gotta say were totally delightful, they were drizzled with honey which gave them the perfect amount of sweetness. The wrap was generous, fresh and delicious.

My husband ordered the chicken pot pie and he enjoyed it and would order it again. The pot pie wasn’t served in a pie crust like you might expect, but was good none-the-less.

The interior was decorated up for Christmas, all that was missing was a roaring fire. On a side note, there is seating outside on the sidewalk as well as bar seating and table seating on the inside.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere was a pleasant pub setting with seating available outside on the sidewalk.

Service – Our waiter was pleasant and gave good recommendations. We liked him.

Food – The food was tasty and I loved the sweet potato fries.

Summary – Crowley’s is a great little pub.

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Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones
Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones is a combination sports bar & restaurant. If you want a nice quiet dinner definitely don’t eat at the high-tops in the bar area.

I’m not a big lover of the high-top, my legs are too short and it starts to hurt after a while.

When I walked in I immediately smelled the BBQ wood. Just to be contrary I ordered the tenderloin steak with broccoli and cinnamon apples, to my surprise the steak was cooked perfectly (medium of course), the broccoli was fresh and steamed nicely, it tasted extra yummy dipped in the butter/pepper sauce that came with the steak. I saved the apples for last, they were crisp, tart and cinna-delious!

My husband ordered the baby back ribs, I was lucky enough to get a few of those ribs, purely for scientific reasons. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone done, meaty and nicely spiced. My hubby sure seemed happy with his ribby choice.

The place was packed and we had to sit in the bar area. The bar area seems a lot louder than the other parts of the restaurant, there are lots of tvs and sports enthusiasts. The service was a little slow which could be expected on such a busy day. By the time we left the line was out the door for seating.

Atmosphere – Well unfortunately it was getting busy and we didn’t get to sit in the dining area, not loving the bar loudness.

Service – Service was alright, it there was a Rays game and it was pretty busy.

Food – The food was pretty yummy! I was surprised at how good it was for a chain restaurant.

Summary – I think I would have given this better marks if we had been able to sit in a quieter area, I’m willing to try it again.

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Beak’s Old Florida

Beak's Old Florida
Beak’s Old Florida

Beak’s Old Florida is an interesting place, I noticed a lot of reviews that called it eclectic, there is no doubting that! Beak’s definitely has a lot of character and charm.

The atmosphere in Beak’s is friendly, our waiter was very attentive and nice we were very happy with the service. The interior is a bar with a few scattered tables, there is a large outside eating area for when the weather turns pleasant.

Beak’s has menu that mostly consists of bar staples – burgers, sandwiches, the normal appetizers but there are a few entrees as well.

The decor is, well like a garage sale threw up on everything. Weird things hang from every wall and every shelf but it some how there is a method to the madness. I really liked the old fashion jukebox in the corner, you just don’t see many of those these days!

Juke box at Beak's
Yes that’s a light up Santa next to the Juke box.

You are probably wondering how the food is by now, well I ordered a strange burrito chicken, spinach, onion thing, while not bad, it wasn’t really good. However the steak sandwich my husband ordered was really good, so we have a mix here. I’m willing to give Beak’s the benefit of the doubt here and say I just ordered badly, I should have picked something a little less weird.

So if you like bizarre interior decorating, bar food and darn good service I’d give Beak’s a chance, I’m planning on going again soon and sampling more of their menu.

Atmosphere – Beak’s decor can be sensory overload, stuff everywhere, but I like that.

Service – Our waiter was friendly, attentive and good-natured.

Food – The food was hit & miss, while my entree was kinda weird, I really liked my husband’s sandwich.

Summary – A cool bar with crazy decor, nice place to bring friends.

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Preacher’s BBQ

Real pit bbq!
Real pit BBQ!

Preacher’s BBQ, as you open your car door you can smell it, smokey, woody goodness, oh yeah, that’s real pit BBQ!

Preacher’s is a  small place on 4th St and one of the few places in the area with real BBQ. The restaurant itself is a take-out place but there are a couple tables if you just can’t wait!

Preacher’s has the normal BBQ menu fare – ribs, chicken, pulled pork, etc but they also have burgers and to my surprise turkey legs (the daily special).

My husband and I have eaten there twice already since their recent opening and both times we were delighted. I’ve tried the pulled pork sandwich, which was, well smokey and flavorful and the

Preacher's BBQ
RAR! My carnivore side is escaping

smoked turkey leg which made me feel like Henry the VIII! All the yumminess, without have to go to a Ren Faire!

My husband has tried the ribs and the chopped brisket, the big smile on his face makes me think he enjoyed both throughly.

Oh did I mention the fresh cakes and pies? All local made!

Atmosphere – Preacher’s is a take-out place with only a couple tables, nothing fancy.


Service – Preacher’s is family owned and everyone behind the counter is friendly and welcoming.

Food – The food was oh so good! Make sure you try the sauce!

Summary – Take-out food that will have you licking your fingers.

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Queenshead Eurobar


I wanted to like this place but I’m afraid it’s just not my cup of tea.

Located on Central Ave West of downtown, the Queenshead is certainly an interesting place. The decor is lovely, there is a large eating area outside with odd bed-like seating along with regular tables and chairs.

The inside is quirky and eclectic usually things I really enjoy. However where they fall short for me is the food and the pricing.

Outside decor
Outside decor

Picture this, a glass of unsweetened ice that never gets a refill despite my subtle hints for $3.25. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty expensive for some water that sat with a teabag in it for a while. The entrées weren’t quite as bad price-wise but they suffer from delusions of grandeur.  They seem to be trying to take English pub staples like fish & chips, bangers & mash and even the humble Shepard’s Pie and raise them to haute cuisine. Unfortunately it just wasn’t that good.

I ordered the fish and chips, which has now been transformed into “sea salt and vinegar fries, minted peas, malt vinegar reduction“. Now that sounds pretty good, too bad it was just kinda weird. The chips, or french fries in America were actually kind of tasty but only luke-warm. How ever the fish wasn’t what I was expecting at all, it was sweet and the reduction made it even sweeter. Not really what I think of for fish & chips, maybe that’s what they are going for, but it’s not what I like.

My husband ordered the bangers, while he said the dish tasted alright it was a very small meal. Both of us left the Queenshead feeling quite a bit less than satisfied.

Atmosphere – The decor is very nice, there is interesting art on the walls and the outdoor seating is pretty cool.

Service – While the bartender/waiter was polite, he wasn’t attentive.

Food – Trying too hard to be “fancy” and the portions are smallish.

Summary – If you want an interesting place to have a drink you might like it. If you want a filling meal of typical English pub food skip it.

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