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Jack Skellington Vase

DMW Pottery CatsI recently worked on a vase with friend of mine Don Williams of DMW Pottery Studio. Don and his wife Cristina make amazing hand-made pottery, Don throws the pottery on the wheel then Cristina decorates it.


Don throwing Cristina decoratingIMG_7419

A customer of Don’s wanted a custom piece, being a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan he wanted a Jack Skellington vase. Don had seen some of my underglaze paintings before on pottery and asked if I wanted to work on the project with him, and I happily agreed!




Don supplied a blank bisqued vase, then I drew the design on in pencil, then I used Aamco underglaze paints. Don then fired the vase again to set the underglazes, then coated it in a clear glaze to protect and add the lovely gloss sheen.

I hope I get to work with Don & Cristina on more projects in the future.

Pottery & Sculpting

The vases in these pictures were thrown on the wheel by my husband John. They were all decorated by me.


Halloween Time!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I’ve been painting and making ceramic Halloween pieces.
IMG_6313 IMG_6341 IMG_20111221_163016 IMG_3007 IMG_3014 IMG_3031 IMG_3318