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Jonathon Coulton

I really like the music of Jonathan Coulton. His work isn't very well known outside of certain internet circles, he's most famous for being friends with minor celebrity  John Hodgman.  Here are some of his songs set to video for your amusement! Shop Vac   RE: Your Brains Flickr (About random pictures he found on Flickr)Continue reading “Jonathon Coulton”

Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka song

Ok, anyone else like weird music? Here’s a little Indian ditty, it even has a whole dance number included. .

How to Dance to D-D-D-DUBSTEP!!!

This made me laugh. Well thankfully there is a whole series on how to dance to Dubstep! Let’s watch shall we? This one is a little creepy. .

Dub Step

I seem to have weird musical taste. I still like lots of other genres of music including rock, classic rock, trip hop, some rap, some classical, dance, techno, well just about everything but Country, ick. However no one I know has heard of Dub. I’m not even sure how to explain it. It seems toContinue reading “Dub Step”

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