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Ink Pupper

A cute pupper I saw on Reddit. On green paper, pen & perm markers.

#artistsoninstagram #markers #bicmarkers #artwork #dogs #pupper @ Saint Petersburg, Florida

Matt Murdock – DareDevil!

Here is my new mixed media piece. Unfortunately my scanner kinda sucks. I get weird dots and lines in most of the pieces I scan in, plus my scanner hates the color blue. Sigh. This piece is based on the new Netflix show “Daredevil”, which I enjoyed immensely! In the foreground is Daredevil’s normal personaContinue reading “Matt Murdock – DareDevil!”

Dapper Dinosaurs

I started drawing this series recently. The dinos are drawn in ink, then colored with art makers and watercolors. I really like the saturation of the art markers, but the watercolor allows me a lot of range in color. After I have colored the dinos, I scan them into my computer. Using Photoshop I cutContinue reading “Dapper Dinosaurs”

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