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Cat Watercolor

A watercolor & pen painting of a cat I did. I used Sakura Koi Watercolors, and my new Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen! I found this pretty cat on Reddit.

Watercolor cat

New Gouache

I got some new Pelikan gouache paints for Christmas. The paint is in cake form, so it’s handy for travel.

Pelikan 24 color gouache paint set
Pelikan 24 color gouache paint set


  • Affordable, around $20 for 24 colors on Amazon.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Portable, grab some water brushes and go. 


  • Streaky, unless you paint many layers, you aren’t going to get that smooth, even gouache look.
  • Gritty, especially in colors that are mixed, not pure pigments.
Color test. Left to right Pelikan, Caron D'Arche, LeFranc & Bourgeous, Reeve's, and Artist's Loft.
Color test. Left to right Pelikan, Caron D’Arche, LeFranc & Bourgeous, Reeve’s, and Artist’s Loft.

Here are some blue color swatches of the different gouache brands. The Pelikan paint is in the far left. I feel like it performed worse than the cheaper brands of Reeve’s and Artist Loft.

Sample painting done in Pelikan
Sample painting done in Pelikan

I did a trial painting of a cat using the Pelikan’s, I had to do multiple layers of the blue and the grays.

These paints were meant to be student grade, so I can’t complain too much. I can’t really recommend these for artists, unless you already have a few higher quality paints, and you just want to supplement with some new colors. For small areas these would be fine, but when you start to cover large areas, you can see how streaky they become.

Mr. Gingy

I tried to do some drawing outside yesterday, but this little guy was a big distraction!

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I love my kitties, they are my little buddies.

My boy is Clawdius and my little girl is Zoey.

And here are some pictures of them.





Beautiful Zoey

We added a new member to our family recently. Zoey (Originally Chelsea but we liked Zoey better) is a beautiful little girl around 9 months old. We brought her home from Pet Pal Animal Shelter (A nice no-kill shelter). She is incredibly sweet and loving but also very playful.

Zoey is a little tortoiseshell cat, with beautiful golden eyes. She is mostly black, but she has the cutest little white tipped toes on her front legs, and white socks on her back legs.

Zoey is starting to learn her way around our house pretty well, the stairs were a bit daunting at first but now she is a pro.

Zoey & Clawdius check each other out.

Our other kitty Clawdius is still getting used to her and she follows him where-ever he goes. We adopted Clawdius after his former owners who lived down the street had a house fire and abandoned him. I have tons of pictures of Clawdius also on this site, he is quite the handsome boy!

We are really excited to have Zoey, I think after the kids get to know each other they are going to be best friends!

One thing we are having to get used to is how vocal she is. She likes to wander around the house meowing loudly. Clawdius is very quiet and usually only meows when he is hungry..