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Turkish Delight

So I was pursuing the local Publix (Where Shopping is a Pleasure), when I decided to take a left turn down the “ethnic” isle. At the British section I grab some tea biscuits (to have with my English Breakfast Tea) and I came across a new and exotic candy my American eyes have never seen before.


Fry’s Turkish Delight. Intriguing! The only thing I know about Turkish Delight is that kid in the Narnia stories really liked it. So I decided to give it a try.

I brought it home and shared it with my husband. His comment “It tastes like shoes smells covered in chocolate.”. Hmmmm not exactly a ringing endorsement. My own opinion, well it has an odd consistency, sort of like a gum drop or a jelly bean inside, but softer. It had a vaguely fruity taste, it just felt so weird to bite through. I didn’t mind the taste, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. The chocolate exterior was fine, it was just the weird gel that got me.

Never be afraid to try new things!


Crowley’s Pub

Crowley's Downtown
Crowley’s Downtown

Crowley’s Pub came well reviewed and surprisingly lived up to the hype.

A small restaurant/pub on Central Ave in downtown St. Pete, there is ample seating outside on the sidewalk and inside is cozy with a full bar.

Crowley’s is kinda Irish-themed, featuring a couple of Irish & English dishes, like Shepard’s (Crowley’s) Pie, bangers & mash, and fish & chips. Although there are plenty of American bar standards, including hamburgers and other sandwiches.

My husband and I shared a Ruben eggroll appetizer which was served with a 1000 island dipping sauce. The eggrolls were quite tasty and original.

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries w/ honey!

For my entree I got a turkey & bacon spinach wrap that came with sweet potato fries. The fries, I gotta say were totally delightful, they were drizzled with honey which gave them the perfect amount of sweetness. The wrap was generous, fresh and delicious.

My husband ordered the chicken pot pie and he enjoyed it and would order it again. The pot pie wasn’t served in a pie crust like you might expect, but was good none-the-less.

The interior was decorated up for Christmas, all that was missing was a roaring fire. On a side note, there is seating outside on the sidewalk as well as bar seating and table seating on the inside.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere was a pleasant pub setting with seating available outside on the sidewalk.

Service – Our waiter was pleasant and gave good recommendations. We liked him.

Food – The food was tasty and I loved the sweet potato fries.

Summary – Crowley’s is a great little pub.

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Queenshead Eurobar


I wanted to like this place but I’m afraid it’s just not my cup of tea.

Located on Central Ave West of downtown, the Queenshead is certainly an interesting place. The decor is lovely, there is a large eating area outside with odd bed-like seating along with regular tables and chairs.

The inside is quirky and eclectic usually things I really enjoy. However where they fall short for me is the food and the pricing.

Outside decor
Outside decor

Picture this, a glass of unsweetened ice that never gets a refill despite my subtle hints for $3.25. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty expensive for some water that sat with a teabag in it for a while. The entrées weren’t quite as bad price-wise but they suffer from delusions of grandeur.  They seem to be trying to take English pub staples like fish & chips, bangers & mash and even the humble Shepard’s Pie and raise them to haute cuisine. Unfortunately it just wasn’t that good.

I ordered the fish and chips, which has now been transformed into “sea salt and vinegar fries, minted peas, malt vinegar reduction“. Now that sounds pretty good, too bad it was just kinda weird. The chips, or french fries in America were actually kind of tasty but only luke-warm. How ever the fish wasn’t what I was expecting at all, it was sweet and the reduction made it even sweeter. Not really what I think of for fish & chips, maybe that’s what they are going for, but it’s not what I like.

My husband ordered the bangers, while he said the dish tasted alright it was a very small meal. Both of us left the Queenshead feeling quite a bit less than satisfied.

Atmosphere – The decor is very nice, there is interesting art on the walls and the outdoor seating is pretty cool.

Service – While the bartender/waiter was polite, he wasn’t attentive.

Food – Trying too hard to be “fancy” and the portions are smallish.

Summary – If you want an interesting place to have a drink you might like it. If you want a filling meal of typical English pub food skip it.

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