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Robin Williams

I’ve been drawing a lot lately, so after the late great Robin Williams passed recently, it seems only natural to draw him.

First I started with a pen & ink drawing. I liked the drawing, but I decided I wanted to give him some color. So, I used water-color pencils and acrylic paint to give him a bit more pizzazz!

We miss you Robin…

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Agent Coulson

Today’s sketch is of my favorite Agent of Shield, Agent Coulson! I’m really enjoying the Manga Studio drawing program. The program works really well with my Wacom tablet.



Agent Coulson is played by Clark Gregg and I find him to be irresistibly charming!

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Thranduil the Elvenking

So here is my latest drawing, Thranduil the Elvenking from the Hobbit.


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I got a new program called Manga Studio. The program works really well with my Wacom Tablet.


I found a striking pic of Timothy Omundson, and decided I wanted to draw him. I think I’ll be using a lot more of Manga Studio, it seems to be a bit friendlier than Photoshop for drawing.