Hi, I am Deirdre.CameraZOOM-20120119122929415

Anyway! I’m an artist, I like painting, both canvas and ceramics. I also like sculpting and making things free-hand. If you wanna see stuff I’ve made with my husband go to my other, more businessy website Deir John Studio.

IMG_9707I live in the TampaBay area with my husband John and our two cats. I love reading, Sci-Fi, movies, cartoons,  D&D, video games, music and of course all kinds of art.

Oh and all the restaurants I review are located in the Tampabay, FL area unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for visiting!.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Deirdre,

    I just did a search for Deirdre tonight because I was feeling self-indulging and slightly bored. So, I found your site!

    It is interesting because I did a search several years back and the Deirdre hits are much more interesting now! However, the contradictions of the “Deirdre” legend are still just as numerous, particularly about exactly how she died.

    Anyway, I love your stuff, thanks for sharing on the web.

    Ta ta,

    Another Deirdre

    1. Hi Deirdre!
      Pleasure to meet you!

      There aren’t a ton of us “Deirdre’s” in America, but there are a few. Does it annoy you when people call you “Dee-dree”? Man that annoys the heck out of me…

      Thanks for dropping by and I’m thrilled you like my site!

      Your new Deirdre pal!

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