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My Trip to Aldi

I visited a strange new world yesterday, it vaguely looked like a supermarket, but none of the brands were familiar.

I had to surrender a quarter before I was allowed to use a shopping cart.  The sign assured us that when we returned our cart we would have our quarter refunded.

A partial haul from Aldi's.
A partial haul from Aldi’s.

There were no bag-boys, the young lady who checked our food put each piece back into our cart bag-less and wild, like the old-west. If you didn’t remember your own bags, there are some empty cardboard boxes you can use.

My visit to Aldi’s felt a bit like I imagine shopping in a foreign country would feel like. Brands I’m familiar with replaced with exotic doppelgangers, but surprisingly less expensive. Yes, I could used to these prices.

The prices are great, but the selection is pretty small compared to a conventional supermarket. But all in all $59 for several bags of groceries may convince me to visit Aldi’s again..

Sunchy Malta

So I gave Sunchy Malta a chance. “Unusual” springs to mind. It’s a carbonated barley malt soft drink sold on the ethnic isle near the Hispanic section. There were many different brands and the drink appears to be quite popular.

Sunchy Malta

My husband remarked that is had a very strong sour dough bread smell. As for the taste, it’s sweet with a root beer mixed with bread & beer flavor,  very earthy. It has a strong lingering aftertaste and it has a big foamy head like beer.

I’m not much of a beer lover, so this isn’t a drink I’ll be having again, but I’m glad I gave it a try.

Never be afraid to try new things!


Turkish Delight

So I was pursuing the local Publix (Where Shopping is a Pleasure), when I decided to take a left turn down the “ethnic” isle. At the British section I grab some tea biscuits (to have with my English Breakfast Tea) and I came across a new and exotic candy my American eyes have never seen before.


Fry’s Turkish Delight. Intriguing! The only thing I know about Turkish Delight is that kid in the Narnia stories really liked it. So I decided to give it a try.

I brought it home and shared it with my husband. His comment “It tastes like shoes smells covered in chocolate.”. Hmmmm not exactly a ringing endorsement. My own opinion, well it has an odd consistency, sort of like a gum drop or a jelly bean inside, but softer. It had a vaguely fruity taste, it just felt so weird to bite through. I didn’t mind the taste, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. The chocolate exterior was fine, it was just the weird gel that got me.

Never be afraid to try new things!


Florida Summer Skies

I love the crazy summer thunderstorms in Florida. Although they sometimes scared me silly as a child, there was something comforting in their clock-like regularity. I’ve heard non-natives say they hate the lightning and the thunder, but not me. I love to curl up with a nice cup of tea and read by the light of my eReader as the storm cools down the temperatures and feeds my yard and plants.

You look out one direction and see puffy white clouds.

But turn and look the other way and here come the storm clouds. How awesome.

Ready to rain



Heres some weird garbage people threw in my yard.


the pile includes a pair of playoffs shorts, a broken 3 Doors Down CD, a beer can and other assorted crap. People are just lovely….

Tree of Life video

A wonderful short film explaining how all life grew from single-cell organisms.

Nature is amazing and fascinating..