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Red Robin

A new Red Robin opened up in the last few months at my local mall. I’ve never been to a Red Robin before so I was interested to give it a try. I ordered a burger with pepper jack cheese, a special sauce and onion straws, served with their bottomless steak fries. Dinner was a bitContinue reading “Red Robin”

Sunchy Malta

So I gave Sunchy Malta a chance. “Unusual” springs to mind. It’s a carbonated barley malt soft drink sold on the ethnic isle near the Hispanic section. There were many different brands and the drink appears to be quite popular. My husband remarked that is had a very strong sour dough bread smell. As for theContinue reading “Sunchy Malta”

Council Oak Steakhouse

The Council Oaks restaurant located inside the Hard Rock Casino. For a fairly expensive and highly reviewed restaurant, I really expected a lot more. The décor was nice, a little bit dark but extremely loud. Our party had to raise our voices several times just to hear each other over the roar. We had twoContinue reading “Council Oak Steakhouse”

Joey Brooklyn’s Famous Pizza

Even though they are a little slow on the delivery Joey Brooklyn’s is worth the wait. So far I’ve tried pepperoni pizza, hot wings, chicken parm sandwich and calzones from them. The pizza was big, greasy and delicious, just like you would expect for New York style pizza. The chicken parmesan sandwich I wasn’t thatContinue reading “Joey Brooklyn’s Famous Pizza”

The Winghouse

Ah The Winghouse, now I know where to go when I want marginal service and sub-par food! My long search is over at last! Sarcasm aside, my advice to married couples, skip it. The waitresses there know that they are going to get the best tips from the single guys table. Did I mention TheContinue reading “The Winghouse”

Crowley’s Pub

Crowley’s Pub came well reviewed and surprisingly lived up to the hype. A small restaurant/pub on Central Ave in downtown St. Pete, there is ample seating outside on the sidewalk and inside is cozy with a full bar. Crowley’s is kinda Irish-themed, featuring a couple of Irish & English dishes, like Shepard’s (Crowley’s) Pie, bangersContinue reading “Crowley’s Pub”

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