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4th St. Shrimp Store

4th St. Shrimp Store

The 4th St. Shrimp Store is a restaurant located just North of St. Pete’s downtown. Unsurprisingly they have a mostly seafood menu.

I have been here for both lunch and dinner. They atmosphere is laid-back, you come in and seat-yourself.  There is a bar and some interesting decor.

The food is a bit up and down. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just so-so. I got a shrimp po-boy yesterday, which was pretty plain, it didn’t even have condiments on it.

My husband seemed to enjoy his fried shrimp and clam basket.  My onion rings were pretty good.

So overall, not a bad place, just not exceptional.

Atmosphere – Very casual, with an eclectic decor.

Service – Most of the time the waitresses have been fairly attentive.

Food – Seafood not really worth writing home about, but filling.

Summary – If you want a relaxed atmosphere where you can take friends, you could do worse.

Fourth Street Shrimp Store on Urbanspoon.

Dub Step

Dubstep musicI seem to have weird musical taste.

I still like lots of other genres of music including rock, classic rock, trip hop, some rap, some classical, dance, techno, well just about everything but Country, ick.

However no one I know has heard of Dub. I’m not even sure how to explain it. It seems to be an infusion of many different musical genres, with a strong focus on drums and Reggae.

Give a listen.

The above video is from a website called Dub Session. They make their own mixes. There are several different kinds of Dub. I really enjoy this type of music when I’m reading or playing on the computer. I find the Dub relaxing but also lively at the same time.
Something about how they take music from lots of different sources and mix them to make a new kind of music. Unfortunately the misuse of copyright law makes it hard for artists.

Sometimes this little flash player works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it’s working for you, give it a listen!


Travis Louie

I’ve discovered a new favorite artist!

His paintings are amazing, whimsical and fantastic.

Young Miss Bunny

See more of Travis’ work on his website’s gallery here <—.


Well the series finale of Lost has come and gone.

For the most part I loved the show, however the ending fell a little flat with me. I still have tons of unanswered questions. The ending seemed to bring up even more questions than it solved.

If you haven’t watched, don’t read below the picture, here there be spoilers!



So one of the things that bothered me the most was the sideways, purgatory flashes.  The entire season implied that the bomb Juliet set off worked. Miles even told Sawyer that she said that. Then it turns out to just be a little fantasy world where people wait around for each other to die? Uh what? Then what did happen with the bomb? They set it off in 1977, it should have changed history.

That’s my biggest grip. I don’t mind everyone getting their memories back and being together again, I loved it when Charlie and Claire recognized each other, also Sawyer and Juliet, I thought those were sweet touching moments. However that leads me to Aaron. Oh Aaron, why are you a baby? If this is much later in time, after Hugo and Ben have spent their time on the island, I’m pretty sure Aaron wouldn’t be a new born baby, he would be a full-grown man with a family of his own.

This sort of sums up a lot of my questions:

Bah. Just too many loose ends, too many inconsistencies, I will just have to let go….

Vintage Vandals

I thought this was an amazing idea, artists scouring thrift shops and yard sales for old unloved paintings and prints then adding to them to make their own.

Art revitalization
Up from the depths
Up from the depths
Still life
Still life with straw
The 3rd kind
The 3rd Kind

I didn’t paint any of these, but I thought it was a great idea. I might have to try one of my own some day!

Here’s a small gallery with more pics:

True Blood

Alright! The new season of True Blood starts soon! Should be good if not wildly different from the books. Speaking of the books, I just read the latest one and I wasn’t too impressed, the author just sort of “phoned it in” as they say. I think perhaps Charlaine Harris has too many irons in the fire and is neglecting the series that is still putting her on the map.

Anyway! Here’s a trailer for season 3.