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Stuff that I think is really cool and enjoy.

Futurama X

Ok, this is pretty awesome!

Futurama X

I think the artist did an amazing job!

Check out this Deviant Art page.

I love seeing creative stuff like this. Plus it combines 2 things I love <3!.

Lego Hello World

This is pretty darn cool!


True Blood

Alright! The new season of True Blood starts soon! Should be good if not wildly different from the books. Speaking of the books, I just read theĀ latestĀ one and I wasn’t too impressed, the author just sort of “phoned it in” as they say. I think perhaps Charlaine Harris has too many irons in the fire and is neglecting the series that is still putting her on the map.

Anyway! Here’s a trailer for season 3.