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Heres some weird garbage people threw in my yard.


the pile includes a pair of playoffs shorts, a broken 3 Doors Down CD, a beer can and other assorted crap. People are just lovely….



I love my kitties, they are my little buddies.

My boy is Clawdius and my little girl is Zoey.

And here are some pictures of them.




World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Well the new WoW expansion is coming very soon (Dec 7th, 2010). 

I used to play WoW every day and was big into raiding but I haven't played regularly in months. I have enjoyed my hiatus. 

So while I will be getting the expansion and will be playing again with my husband, I just don't think my heart is going to be in it as much as it used to be.

Although I have secured my new character's name, she will be a druid Worgen, she shall be called "Worgenpeace". I thought it was fitting for a druid since they can heal but also hurt.

Anyway, here's a cute WoW video that I thought was clever.


Jonathon Coulton

I really like the music of Jonathan Coulton. His work isn't very well known outside of certain internet circles, he's most famous for being friends with minor celebrity  John Hodgman. 

Here are some of his songs set to video for your amusement!

Shop Vac

RE: Your Brains

Flickr (About random pictures he found on Flickr)

I Feel Fantastic

This is just a small sampling of his amazing music.



Two funny kitties playing patty-cake together.


Rainy day

What a grey rainy day! The humidity is way up and the air feels dense and unpleasant. On the bright side after the system goes through we should have some nice, drier, cooler weather.

Maybe I’ll even get into the Christmas spirit.