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I went to Mazzaro’s with a friend today for lunch, I love the food and the market. One of my favorite things at Mazzaro’s is the statuary they have around the buildings. Here are some of the fun things I took pics of today.  .

Sunchy Malta

So I gave Sunchy Malta a chance. “Unusual” springs to mind. It’s a carbonated barley malt soft drink sold on the ethnic isle near the Hispanic section. There were many¬†different brands and the drink appears to be quite popular. My husband remarked that is had a very strong sour dough bread smell. As for theContinue reading “Sunchy Malta”

Turkish Delight

So I was pursuing the local Publix (Where Shopping is a Pleasure), when I decided to take a left turn down the “ethnic” isle. At the British section I grab some tea biscuits (to have with my English Breakfast Tea) and I came across a new and exotic candy my American eyes have never seenContinue reading “Turkish Delight”

Florida Summer Skies

I love the crazy summer thunderstorms in Florida. Although they sometimes scared me silly as a child, there was something comforting in their clock-like regularity. I’ve heard non-natives say they hate the lightning and the thunder, but not me. I love to curl up with a nice cup of tea and read by the lightContinue reading “Florida Summer Skies”

Cakes and Baking

Over the last year or so I’ve taken a keen interest in baking, especially cake & cookie decorating. My husband has turned into an excellent artisan bread maker, even cultivating his own wild sour dough yeast, while I have created all sorts of pretty cakes, cookies and cupcakes. If you would like to see moreContinue reading “Cakes and Baking”


I like to keep a journal, it mostly contains boring day-to-day stuff. As I grow older I find my memory isn’t what it was, so those day-to-day boring entries help me remember. I’ve been keeping an online journal for years, last I checked I had over 600 entries. Unfortunately the place I use – MomologContinue reading “Penzu”

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