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I love my kitties, they are my little buddies.

My boy is Clawdius and my little girl is Zoey.

And here are some pictures of them.




World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Well the new WoW expansion is coming very soon (Dec 7th, 2010). 

I used to play WoW every day and was big into raiding but I haven't played regularly in months. I have enjoyed my hiatus. 

So while I will be getting the expansion and will be playing again with my husband, I just don't think my heart is going to be in it as much as it used to be.

Although I have secured my new character's name, she will be a druid Worgen, she shall be called "Worgenpeace". I thought it was fitting for a druid since they can heal but also hurt.

Anyway, here's a cute WoW video that I thought was clever.


Jonathon Coulton

I really like the music of Jonathan Coulton. His work isn't very well known outside of certain internet circles, he's most famous for being friends with minor celebrity  John Hodgman. 

Here are some of his songs set to video for your amusement!

Shop Vac

RE: Your Brains

Flickr (About random pictures he found on Flickr)

I Feel Fantastic

This is just a small sampling of his amazing music.



Two funny kitties playing patty-cake together.


Rainy day

What a grey rainy day! The humidity is way up and the air feels dense and unpleasant. On the bright side after the system goes through we should have some nice, drier, cooler weather.

Maybe I’ll even get into the Christmas spirit.



Beautiful Zoey

We added a new member to our family recently. Zoey (Originally Chelsea but we liked Zoey better) is a beautiful little girl around 9 months old. We brought her home from Pet Pal Animal Shelter (A nice no-kill shelter). She is incredibly sweet and loving but also very playful.

Zoey is a little tortoiseshell cat, with beautiful golden eyes. She is mostly black, but she has the cutest little white tipped toes on her front legs, and white socks on her back legs.

Zoey is starting to learn her way around our house pretty well, the stairs were a bit daunting at first but now she is a pro.

Zoey & Clawdius check each other out.

Our other kitty Clawdius is still getting used to her and she follows him where-ever he goes. We adopted Clawdius after his former owners who lived down the street had a house fire and abandoned him. I have tons of pictures of Clawdius also on this site, he is quite the handsome boy!

We are really excited to have Zoey, I think after the kids get to know each other they are going to be best friends!

One thing we are having to get used to is how vocal she is. She likes to wander around the house meowing loudly. Clawdius is very quiet and usually only meows when he is hungry..