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Mr. Gingy

I tried to do some drawing outside yesterday, but this little guy was a big distraction! View on Path

Free Shipping on my Society 6

Use this link to get free shipping on items bought from my Society 6 store page! Only good until August 10th 2014.

How I learned to love my hard-to-pronounce Irish name

I thought I had a hard to pronounce Irish name until I read this article! And for the record, the Irish way to say Deirdre is either “Dear-drah” or “Dear-druh”. I prefer the first.  I really don’t like being called “Dee-dra”, see there are 2 – Rs in my name, Dei(R)d(R)e. Ok rant over! ReadContinue reading “How I learned to love my hard-to-pronounce Irish name”

What kind of armor did Medieval women really wear?

What kind of armor did Medieval women really wear? A cool article on io9 about women’s armor in history.

5 Gallon Bucket Uses: Emergency Kit

(Originally posted on www.fivegallonideas.com) Since I live in Florida, I thought this might be a handy article to make a copy, so I know how to find this information quickly! With regular large scale disasters already causing problems in North America, it’s a good time to talk a bit about disaster preparation and how aContinue reading “5 Gallon Bucket Uses: Emergency Kit”

My Trip to Aldi

I visited a strange new world yesterday, it vaguely looked like a supermarket, but none of the brands were familiar. I had to surrender a quarter before I was allowed to use a shopping cart.  The sign assured us that when we returned our cart we would have our quarter refunded. There were no bag-boys,Continue reading “My Trip to Aldi”

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