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Reddit Gets Drawn 

Puppy dog with branch

Sometimes for practice I participate in the Reddit Gets Drawn community.

I thought this little guy would be fun to paint in gouache.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

A drawing of Santa I did for the holidays. Watercolors and pen.


Squirrel! By me, pencil and Aquacolor crayons.

A surprised squirrel I drew, pencil and Aquacolor crayons.

Kevin the Kid!

Kevin the Kid

Kevin the Kid. My sister-in-law’s adorable goat. I made this with Aquacolor crayons and pen.

Gouache Skulls

Gouache Skulls
Gouache Skulls

A gouache painting I did of some skulls for the Halloween season.

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Recent Watercolors

Some of the watercolors I’ve done over the last couple months.