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I am an artist and website developer. I like sculpting and painting. My hobbies include: Reading - I like the supernatural and Sci Fi genres. Video Games - My favs are Minecraft, Rock Band and Left 4 Dead I also like gardening, watching good shows on tv and movies.

Some rocks I’ve been painting lately

Inspired by a local FB group #StPeteRocks! Here are some of the rocks I’ve been painting lately. This is my Start Wars series. Ink and Copic markers.



Cat Watercolor

A watercolor & pen painting of a cat I did. I used Sakura Koi Watercolors, and my new Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen! I found this pretty cat on Reddit.

Watercolor cat

Angry Doggy

A new illustration I did in pen & Lyra Aquacolors. I recently got a Tomboy calligraphy brush pen and I really wanted to check it out.

Image result for tombow brush pen black and gray
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

The brush tip feels really smooth and even. The brush easily let me lay down both thick and thin lines. This pen has two ends, which I wasn’t expecting, a black ink side and a grey ink side.

I have a Pentel brush pen, which I love, however its weakness is the ink, even after hitting it with a heat-gun and letting it sit, I find the ink will still smudge and lift when I use watercolors. My new Tombow pen, well the ink really seems to hold fast, which instantly endears it to me.

I tested my new pen by going over the lines with Lyra Aquacolor crayons. No smudging or lifting! Yay!

Weird fishes

A deep water fish I painted in Gouache in my new Christmas notebook.

A strange deep water fish
A strange deep water fish

New Gouache

I got some new Pelikan gouache paints for Christmas. The paint is in cake form, so it’s handy for travel.

Pelikan 24 color gouache paint set
Pelikan 24 color gouache paint set


  • Affordable, around $20 for 24 colors on Amazon.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Portable, grab some water brushes and go. 


  • Streaky, unless you paint many layers, you aren’t going to get that smooth, even gouache look.
  • Gritty, especially in colors that are mixed, not pure pigments.
Color test. Left to right Pelikan, Caron D'Arche, LeFranc & Bourgeous, Reeve's, and Artist's Loft.
Color test. Left to right Pelikan, Caron D’Arche, LeFranc & Bourgeous, Reeve’s, and Artist’s Loft.

Here are some blue color swatches of the different gouache brands. The Pelikan paint is in the far left. I feel like it performed worse than the cheaper brands of Reeve’s and Artist Loft.

Sample painting done in Pelikan
Sample painting done in Pelikan

I did a trial painting of a cat using the Pelikan’s, I had to do multiple layers of the blue and the grays.

These paints were meant to be student grade, so I can’t complain too much. I can’t really recommend these for artists, unless you already have a few higher quality paints, and you just want to supplement with some new colors. For small areas these would be fine, but when you start to cover large areas, you can see how streaky they become.

Sweet Boy

Another Reddit Gets Drawn post, this one submitted by Rowdygregg. I painted this in gouache. I like how saturated gouache’s colors are.  Well, the colors get a little washed out in the picture, but the original is much more vibrant.