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The Winghouse

The WingHouse

Ah The Winghouse, now I know where to go when I want marginal service and sub-par food! My long search is over at last!

Sarcasm aside, my advice to married couples, skip it. The waitresses there know that they are going to get the best tips from the single guys table. Did I mention The Winghouse is a Hooters knock off? I think everyone but me knew that already.

The waitresses are all wearing tight, low-cut tee shirts and short shorts over tights. I didn’t realize that dinner would come with a close encounter of the cleavage kind.

Of plenty of guys will be thrilled with the scantily clad waitresses hocking their tee shirts and calendars on every wall but this married woman was unimpressed.

The service was slooooooooow, our Amazonian waitress really seemed to favor that tables with rowdy single men, on the plus side we had plenty time to look over the menu and decide what we wanted before we got our drink menu in, not that placing our dinner order at the same time as our drink order was taken.

Apparently the cooks had to go out back and wrestle some chickens to the ground to make our dinner, I’m beginning to think they had to go to dig up garden the garden to make my onion rings. Did I mention that anything you may want is probably an extra charge?

Anyway, years later when we got our food my dinner, a buffalo sandwich was ok. My husband was totally disappointed with his burger. He also got wings to share, the wings started out ok but I noticed the more of he buffalo sauce I ate the less I liked them.

The sauce starts vinegary with a slight sweetness, after a few minutes the sweetness seems to get stronger and stronger until all I could taste was the sweetness, it became cloying.

Atmosphere – Noisy and full of drunks.

Service – Well from the looks of it the table full of guys next to us got excellent, waitress leaning over to show her cleavage service. My husband and I were almost ignored.

Food – Mine was adequate, my husband’s was bland.

Summary – Great place for drunken men, not so great for couples.

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