The Floridian

The Floridian
The Floridian

Over on Treasure Island is a little restaurant called the Floridian. They feature authentic Cuban sandwiches. Most of their menu consists of sandwiches, although they do have black beans & rice. They also sell beer if you want.

I had the famous Cuban, pressed of course and a Tampa favorite the “deviled crab“. If you aren’t familiar with the deviled crab it’s a blue crab mixed with various seasonings, spices and vegetables, then it’s surrounded by a kind of dough then fried. Of course a deviled crab must be smothered in hot sauce.

The Cuban sandwich was pretty good, it really was quite authentic! It reminded me of the Cuban sandwiches I used to get over in Ybor City. The deviled crab was tasty but a bit mushier than I would have liked. So far the Columbia has the best deviled crab that I’ve tasted in Pinellas County.

Atmosphere – Most of the seating is outside, so if it’s hot or cold out it might be unpleasant.

Service – Service was alright.

Food – Pretty good for a tiny little spot.

Summary – If you just want a quick spot to grab a bite the Floridian is a nice place to grab a bite while you are out at the beach.

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