Popeye’s Chicken


I love chicken. I REALLY love fried chicken. It’s a weakness of mine.

I’ve got to say of all the fried chicken places I’ve tried (KFC, Churches & Popeye’s) I like Popeye’s the best.

The chicken is usually tender and juicy and I love the spicy chicken. However today I had a dry old spicy breast that was a disappointment. They ran out of spicy and only had 1 dried out piece of chicken-jerky, in stark contrast the original was crispy and delicious.

I’m sure if we had decided to wait the 11 minutes it would have taken for the next batch of spicy it would have been just as good. But being on a lunch hour has major draw-backs.

They also have great biscuits and sides! I like the cajun gravy on the mashed potatoes.

Atmosphere – It’s a fast food joint, decor is pretty blah. All the tables were covered in crumbs.

Service – Service was typical fast food. Special orders are scary and confusing.

Food – YUMMY! Aside from the one dried out breast, every time I go to Popeye’s I leave happy.

Summary – If you want darn good fried chicken, I’d chose Popeye’s over all the other chain restaurants, just make sure you ask for a fresh piece!

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