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Council Oak Steakhouse

The Council Oaks restaurant located inside the Hard Rock Casino. For a fairly expensive and highly reviewed restaurant, I really expected a lot more.

The décor was nice, a little bit dark but extremely loud. Our party had to raise our voices several times just to hear each other over the roar. We had two servers for some reason, neither one ever seemed to be around when we wanted something. My drink was never refilled.

As for the food, very disappointing. I had a $39 bone-in 10oz filet mignon, I ordered it medium. First of all, what the heck is with a “bone-in” filet? My guess would be to avant-garde. The part of my steak that was farthest from the bone was medium well, the part close to the bone was practically raw. Somehow they also managed to make it fatty. Ugh. Huge disappointment.

One of the other guests in my party, her steak was cooked to charcoal on one side, she had to carve it off. Of course the servers where no where to be found.

Everything is Ala-cart. Ok fine, but seriously $9 for french fries? Every side item was $9. I ordered the onion rings, trust me, they weren’t $9 good.

Oh but you may be saying to yourself, “Oh that Deirdre is all concerned with prices! She just can’t appreciate a good meal! Stick to reviewing McDonald’s!”

To which I say, I don’t like your attitude! I’ve had plenty of delicious meals at places like Bern’s. I know a good steak when I have one. This place is all pomp and no substance. They tout themselves as fancy but I think they come off as pretentious.

Atmosphere – Loud and dark, nice view of the kitchen though.

Service – Despite having 2 waiters, we rarely saw either of them.

Food – Disappointing, especially for the price.

Summary – If you want to go someplace really nice for a special occasion, I’d suggest skipping this place and head over to Bern’s or even the Melting Pot, at least you can have a conversation there.

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