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Well we went to the Carrabbas on 4th tonight and had a lovely dinner. We got there before the rush and didn’t have to wait for a table which is nice!

I haven’t been to a Carrabbas in a while, not since the Star Trek movie premiere (Shout out to Todd!). I usually have really good meals there and tonight was no exception.

As usual I ordered the Chicken Bryan and my husband ordered the Veal Picatta (I know, poor baby cows! 🙁  Ah well!). We also had salads and bread with our entrées.

Chicken Bryan
Chicken Bryan

In my humble opinion, you can tell that a restaurant give a care about your dinner when they serve your salad in a cold bowl. It sounds picky but I’ve gotten salads in hot bowls and it really makes the lettuce wilt and the dressing go all oily (That’s my new technical term for it). ANYWAY, the salad was good and the table bread with the little plate of herbs and olive was yummy as well.

Our main courses were as usual quite good, although one odd thing, the Picatta didn’t have capers, when asked the waiter commented that they don’t put capers on unless you specifically ask for them, weird! My Chicken Bryan was delicious as always.

Aside from the capers and my tea being a bit bitter I had a lovely dinner there tonight!

Atmosphere – Nothing too fancy, the main focus of the room seems to be the open kitchen, it can be a little loud from nearby conversations.

Service – Our waiter was attentive and responsive.

Food – The food was up to their usual standards of tastiness.

Summary – Despite being part of a chain, Carrabbas still maintains a high level of quality and professionalism. A nice place to take your family.

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