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Beak’s Old Florida

Beak's Old Florida
Beak’s Old Florida

Beak’s Old Florida is an interesting place, I noticed a lot of reviews that called it eclectic, there is no doubting that! Beak’s definitely has a lot of character and charm.

The atmosphere in Beak’s is friendly, our waiter was very attentive and nice we were very happy with the service. The interior is a bar with a few scattered tables, there is a large outside eating area for when the weather turns pleasant.

Beak’s has menu that mostly consists of bar staples – burgers, sandwiches, the normal appetizers but there are a few entrees as well.

The decor is, well like a garage sale threw up on everything. Weird things hang from every wall and every shelf but it some how there is a method to the madness. I really liked the old fashion jukebox in the corner, you just don’t see many of those these days!

Juke box at Beak's
Yes that’s a light up Santa next to the Juke box.

You are probably wondering how the food is by now, well I ordered a strange burrito chicken, spinach, onion thing, while not bad, it wasn’t really good. However the steak sandwich my husband ordered was really good, so we have a mix here. I’m willing to give Beak’s the benefit of the doubt here and say I just ordered badly, I should have picked something a little less weird.

So if you like bizarre interior decorating, bar food and darn good service I’d give Beak’s a chance, I’m planning on going again soon and sampling more of their menu.

Atmosphere – Beak’s decor can be sensory overload, stuff everywhere, but I like that.

Service – Our waiter was friendly, attentive and good-natured.

Food – The food was hit & miss, while my entree was kinda weird, I really liked my husband’s sandwich.

Summary – A cool bar with crazy decor, nice place to bring friends.

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