True Blood

Alright! The new season of True Blood starts soon! Should be good if not wildly different from the books. Speaking of the books, I just read the latest one and I wasn’t too impressed, the author just sort of “phoned it in” as they say. I think perhaps Charlaine Harris has too many irons in the fire and is neglecting the series that is still putting her on the map.

Anyway! Here’s a trailer for season 3.


2 thoughts on “True Blood”

  1. It is really tough to be a series author, Deirdre, as Mark can attest. It takes a lot of creativity to maintain characterization and drama within the continuity.

    I am looking forward to the guilty pleasure of Trueblood’s next season myself.

    1. June 13th! Oh boy! I hate to nit-pick on the author, but really this is the series that is bringing in the money. She has a couple other series that aren’t on TV, just seemed to me it would be smart to pander to her Sookie fans first. Her last 2 books seemed more like she didn’t really care anymore.