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Tadpole Raising

Frog lifecycle
Yay Science!

A little over a month ago my husband and I were swimming in our pool and we discovered a bunch of tadpoles in the pool. Since we knew the pool guy was coming the next day we decided to save as many as we could. We were able to recover 18 tadpoles.

My husband thought I was a little bit crazy, what did I know about raising tadpoles? Not much really but hey, that’s what the internet is for.

So I stuck them in a take out container and did some reading. We lost a few at the beginning. They didn’t like the lettuce I stuck in there, I’m afraid there was some cannibalism. Ewww. However that did give me an idea, and I introduced them to dry cat food.

To my surprise they really liked the catfood and they started growing really quickly.

Fast forward a few weeks, I upgraded them to a shoe-box sized container and added some floral glass rocks to give them something to hide behind and eventually sit on. Cleaning was a bit of a hassle, if I had a fish tank with a filter it would have been a lot easier, but no I had to take them out everyday wash the box out and stick them back in.

I’m sure some people will be saying now, “OH the humanity! Tap water is full of contaminants! How stressful for them!” and such. Well I did put the water through a Brita filter first and they seemed ok. I was holding steady at 15 tadpoles, there was no more unsavory eating of each, thankfully!

Now, a couple more weeks later, some of the little guys are almost ready to be free. Some have developed both their front and back legs and only have their little nubby tails left. I’m scared for them though, it’s going to be a much harsher world on the outside, but what am I going to do with 15 frogs in my house.

Well seeing as how they have little suckers on their feet I think they are some kind of tree frog. So cute!

If you are still reading this, maybe you would like to see my froggie slideshow? Just click the play button.


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