My Trip to Aldi

I visited a strange new world yesterday, it vaguely looked like a supermarket, but none of the brands were familiar.

I had to surrender a quarter before I was allowed to use a shopping cart.  The sign assured us that when we returned our cart we would have our quarter refunded.

A partial haul from Aldi's.
A partial haul from Aldi’s.

There were no bag-boys, the young lady who checked our food put each piece back into our cart bag-less and wild, like the old-west. If you didn’t remember your own bags, there are some empty cardboard boxes you can use.

My visit to Aldi’s felt a bit like I imagine shopping in a foreign country would feel like. Brands I’m familiar with replaced with exotic doppelgangers, but surprisingly less expensive. Yes, I could used to these prices.

The prices are great, but the selection is pretty small compared to a conventional supermarket. But all in all $59 for several bags of groceries may convince me to visit Aldi’s again..