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Welcome, I am Deirdre.

It’s hard growing up with an unusual name, but as an adult I’ve come to embrace and love it.

I like to think I’m an artist. Feel free to puruse my gallery. I’m also a graphic artist and I make websites.

To find out more about me, check out my about me page. I also enjoy writing, so if you look around, you will see some of my musings. I have another website www.DeirJohn.com, it’s geared more toward my professional endeavors.

or Tir Na Nog

They made a toy with my name!

So if you are bored, stop by theĀ Articles menu item and choose one of the categories that drops down.

Oh and please feel free to comment on things or drop me a line from the Contact page. I’d be interested to know if anyone ever actually visited my site!

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